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Mumbai is a melting pot of various dialects and cultures. In keeping with its increasingly cosmopolitan population, Mumbai's palate has gone global: from our own Maharashtrian, Gujarati and Bengali, to Japanese and Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Thai. Mumbai's taste buds are tickling with the flavours of global cuisine.

During this exciting culinary revolution, Mumbai Food Lovers seeks to give every Mumbaikar, and every visitor to this bustling and often confusing city, the opportunity to experience and relish the tastes of Mumbai. Through food crawls and tasting events we want to celebrate the variety of foods that Mumbai has to offer.

Notwithstanding our delight for foods of the rest of the world, every so often we crave the familiar tastes and smells of our home spices. And, no experience of this city's culture is complete without a taste of the local street food - pav bhaji, vada pavs, pani puri, bhel puri, bun-maska and chai... just to name a few. To that end, we also organize customised tours that will give you the opportunity to savour the local foods of Mumbai.

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